Removing Sysdig Secure for cloud can be done by following the same procedure that for any CloudFormation template.

Visit your AWS Console CloudFormation section, and make sure you are in the same AWS region as you used to deploy the original CloudFormation template.

Click on the main CloudFormation template called just “CloudVision”, then click on Delete button.

You will have to wait until all resources and sub-templates have finished uninstalling.

Manually removing S3 buckets

You may run into some problems if the S3 buckets for the platform takes too long to delete. In that case the AWS Console will tell you that the Delete operation has failed.

The solution is very simple - try to delete the “CloudVision” stack again, and it will inform you of the problematic resources. Do not continue, but first visit the AWS Console section for S3 and manually delete those buckets.

Then, you may try to delete again the “CloudVision” stack, and it should succeed.

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