Cloud Security Posture Management and Compliance

With AWS Cloud Benchmarks, you can execute a curated collection of checks periodically on your AWS account that will inform you which services and configuration present a security challenge.

You will be shown remediation procedures for your specific resources, with steps on how to implement them using the AWS Console, or CLI commands you should execute to harden their security posture.

Reports will show you an overall score of your progress for full compliance coverage, scoped by account, that you can download as CSV or compare with previous historical data.

AWS Foundation Benchmark

Integrated into the platform are workload compliance reports that show you what security measure you have to enable using Sysdig Secure for cloud to comply with regulations like PCI DSS, SOC2, and NIST 800-53.

AWS Foundation Benchmark

You also can run benchmarks against Linux hosts, Docker, and Kubernetes clusters for reports on best practices requirements on those resource settings to maximize security.

AWS Foundation Benchmark

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